Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1st Step
Sign-Up with QFPay
Contact us to create an account and select the desired e-wallets you would like to support.
2nd Step
Install the Gateway
Login to your Shopify account and then visit the link below to install our payment gateway:
3rd Step
Activate the Gateway
Select your accepted payment methods and take out the checkmark Enable test mode to allow customers to checkout with the gateway.

Merchant Benefits

Delight your customers with convenient e-wallet payments. No matter if users are checking out on desktop PCs, laptops or mobile devices the checkout experience will always be great. Detailed transaction reports are available in the Shopify backend and merchants can even process refunds from within the platform.

Sign-Up Now

Low Transaction Fees

No monthly cost and low transaction fees solely based on transaction volume

Quick Setup

The gateway installation is quick and easy and no technical knowledge is required

Increase Sales

More payment options will make the checkout process more convenient for your customers

Convenient Refunds

Provided the e-wallet supports refunds and the refund criteria is met, refunds can be processed from the Shopify backend

Online Shopping on Mobile Devices

Profit from the growing consumer demand for mobile e-commerce. The QFPay Secure Checkout gateway adjusts flexible to every screen size. On checkout Alipay and Alipay HK open up the consumer's wallet APP automatically and request user authentication for successful payment.

QFPay Secure Checkout

Customers can choose their preferred checkout method on Shopify. Merchants can decide which payment badges they would like to display next to the gateway name. Upon selecting the QFPay checkout gateway customers will be redirected automatically to complete payment.

Choose a Payment Method

Customers can select their desired eWallet to check out with. Currently the following payment channels are available in Hong Kong: Alipay, Alipay HK, WeChat Pay, China UnionPay QuickPass and FPS. We are constantly adding more wallets and additional country support so reach out to us for any enquiries you may have.

Process Payment

The customer's Alipay mobile wallet will open up automatically so the user can enter a password or otherwise authenticate himself to complete payment.

Order Complete

Once payment has been made the user will be redirected to Shopify where he can view an order confirmation. With a tap on the Continue shopping button the user will get back to the e-commerce store where he can make additional purchases.